Charging system which guarantees lifespan of secondary battery



【課題】二次電池の寿命期間を保証する。 【解決手段】ライン23−1は、ストレージ劣化を生じない低い電池電圧のもとで測定した満充電容量比である。ライン21は寿命期間を保証できる標準使用条件のもとで測定した満充電容量比である。ライン23−2は、ライン21の寿命期間の終期tfを一致させるようにライン23−1を平行移動した修正後の満充電容量比である。標準使用条件の電圧で充電した二次電池の満充電容量がライン25−1、25−2に従って低下したような場合は、時刻t1、t2以降はそれぞれライン23−2に従って劣化するように低い充電電圧で充電する。 【選択図】図3
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a charging system capable of guaranteeing the lifespan of a secondary battery, along with an electrical apparatus or computer equipped with such a charging system, a battery pack which achieves such a charging system, and a method which guarantees the lifespan of the secondary battery. SOLUTION: A line 23-1 represents a full charge capacity ratio measured under a low battery voltage that does not cause storage degradation. A line 21 represents a full charge capacity ratio measured under a standard use condition that guarantees a lifespan. A line 23-2 represents a modified full charge capacity ratio given by translating the line 23-1 to match its lifespan termination to the lifespan termination tf of the line 21. When the full charge capacity of a secondary battery charged with a voltage under the standard use condition decreases by following the lines 25-1 and 25-2, the secondary battery is charged with a low charge voltage so that the secondary battery degrades by following the line 23-2 after the times t1 and t2. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT




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