Device for laminating reinforcement fiber base material and method for laminating the same



【課題】シート状の強化繊維基材を湾曲や屈曲した形状の型上に積層する際に生じるしわの防止と、労働負荷の軽減と、作業の効率化とが可能な強化繊維基材積層装置およびこの積層方法を提供することを目的とする。 【解決手段】型15上に積層させる強化繊維基材シート14を繰り出すシート繰り出し手段と、型15上に強化繊維基材シート14を圧接させる圧接手段3と、を有する強化繊維基材積層装置1において、圧接手段3は、強化繊維基材シート14よりも狭い幅を有し、シート繰り出し手段は、圧接手段3との間を負荷しながら強化繊維基材シート14を供給することを特徴とする。 【選択図】図2
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a device and a method for laminating reinforcement fiber base material, wherein production of a crease can be prevented when the sheet-shaped reinforcement fiber base material is laminated onto a mold having a curved or bent shape, labor load can be reduced, and operation can be made efficient. SOLUTION: The device 1 for laminating the reinforcement fiber base material comprises a sheet delivery means delivering the reinforcement fiber base material sheet 14 to be laminated on the mold 15, and a pressure welding means 3 for performing pressure-welding of the reinforcement fiber base material sheet 14 onto the mold 15. The pressure welding means 3 has a width narrower than the reinforcement fiber base material sheet 14, and the sheet delivery means feeds the reinforcement fiber base material sheet 14 between the pressure welding means 3 and itself while applying load. COPYRIGHT: (C)2011,JPO&INPIT




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