Method of injecting grout in soil improvement



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method of injecting a grout in a soil improvement which can build a solidified improved body of a desired size in a ground by well injecting the grout into the ground even if the coefficient of permeability of the ground is considerably small.SOLUTION: This method of injecting a grout in soil improvement includes a prior injection step of building a loose area T in the ground by penetrating an injection rod 1 into the ground, and injecting a high-pressure fluid W therearound from the injection rod 1 at a predetermined depth of ground in a plurality of stages while slightly shifting the injection of the high-pressure fluid W in the vertical direction so as to loosen the ground therearound and performing the building of the loose area T for each required predetermined depth, and a solidified improved body building step of building a solidified improved body P of a desired size in the ground by inserting an injection pipe 3 into the ground and injecting the grout M from the injection pipe 3 into the loose area T of the ground built in the prior injection step so as to penetrate the grout M into the ground on the outside thereof through the loose area T of the ground.
【課題】透水係数が比較的小さい地盤であっても、地盤に良好に注入材を注入し、所望の大きさの固結改良体を地盤中に造成することのできる地盤改良における注入材注入方法を提供する。 【解決手段】噴射ロッド1を地盤に貫入し、地盤の所定深度にて噴射ロッド1から高圧流体Wを周囲に噴射し、この高圧流体Wの噴射をわずかに上下にずらしながら複数段にわたって行うことで、その周囲の地盤を緩めて地盤に緩み領域Tを造作し、この緩み領域Tの造作を必要な所定深度ごとに行う事前噴射工程と、注入管3を地盤に挿入し、この注入管3から前記事前噴射工程にて造作した地盤の緩み領域Tに注入材Mを注入することにより、地盤の緩み領域Tを通してその外側の地盤に注入材Mを浸透させ、地盤中に所望の大きさの固結改良体Pを造成する固結改良体造成工程と、から成る地盤改良における注入材注入方法である。 【選択図】図5




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