Apparatus and method for heat-welding resin member



【課題】誘導加熱ヒータの効果的な使用により、一対の樹脂部材の溶着部を効率的かつ均一に加熱できて、所定の溶着強度を安定して得ることができると共に、省エネの面でも優れた樹脂部材の熱溶着装置及び熱溶着方法を提供する。 【解決手段】一対の樹脂部材の溶着部の一方の外面側に配置された磁性体からなる誘導加熱ヒータと、該誘導加熱ヒータの外周側に所定の空間を介して配置された加熱コイルと、該加熱コイルに高周波電流を供給可能なトランジスタインバータと、誘導加熱ヒータの表面温度を検出可能な温度センサと、加熱コイルにトランジスタインバータから高周波電流を供給し誘導加熱ヒータを誘導加熱してその輻射熱で溶着部を加熱すると共に、温度センサの検出温度に基づいてトランジスタインバータから加熱コイルに供給される高周波電流を制御可能な制御装置と、を具備することを特徴とする。 【選択図】 図1
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an apparatus and a method for heat-welding a resin member which allow efficient and uniform heating of to-be-welded parts of a pair of resin members owing to effective use of an induction heating heater, stable obtainment of specified welding strength and excellent energy saving.SOLUTION: The apparatus for heat-welding a resin member includes an induction-heating heater consisting of a magnet arranged on the outer-surface side of one of to-be-welded parts of a pair of resin members, a heating coil arranged, through a specified space, on the side of the outer periphery of the induction heater, a transistor inverter capable of supplying a high-frequency electric current to the heating coil, a temperature sensor capable of detecting the surface temperature of the induction-heating heater and a controller which causes the transistor inverter to supply a high-frequency electric current to the heating coil so as to induction-heat the induction-heating heater and thus heat the to-be-welded parts with radiation heat from the induction-heating heater and can control the high-frequency electric current to be supplied to the heating coil from the transistor inverter on the basis of the temperature detected by the temperature sensor.




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