Money transaction processor



PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a money transaction processor which is also used as a lobby money receiving machine and a teller machine with one machine and is installed at a reception counter.SOLUTION: The money transaction processor includes: a money transaction opening operable from both sides of an inner side and an outer side of a counter to be a money entrance; employee side transaction receiving operation means and customer side transaction receiving operation means for performing receiving operations about respectively operable transactions from the inner side and outer side of the counter; random money receiving means for receiving random money in a random state thrown in the money transaction opening to discriminate and count the random money and storing the random money in a random money storing part in each denomination; money packing means for feeding the random money existing in the random money storing part to perform packing processing, such as binding and packing every prescribed number of sheets; and packed money paying means for storing packed money packed by the money packing means in each denomination and feeding the packed money to a packed money feeding opening formed in a direction facing the inner side of the counter.
【課題】1台の機械で、ロビー入金機、出納機を兼用するものであって、窓口カウンターに設置するタイプの貨幣取引処理装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】カウンターの内側と外側の両方から操作可能な貨幣の入口となる貨幣取引口と、カウンターの内側と外側から夫々操作可能な取引に関する入力操作を行う行員側取引入力操作手段と顧客側取引入力操作手段と、前記貨幣取引口に投入されるバラ状態の貨幣を受け入れて識別計数を行い、種類別にバラ貨幣収納部へ収納するバラ貨幣入金手段と、前記バラ貨幣収納部内にある前記バラ貨幣を繰り出して所定枚数毎に結束・包装等の包装処理を行う貨幣包装手段と、前記貨幣包装手段で包装された包装貨幣を種類別に収納すると共に、カウンターの内側に面する方向に形成された包装貨幣投出口へ投出する包装貨幣出金手段とを具備する。 【選択図】図1




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